Express Your Art With Isaure




Isaure has been teaching for more then 10 years.  She strives to share her rich experience in art  and bring out the best in your personal expression.  Students will learn to utilize colors through emotion while achieving acrylic painting & multi media techniques.
Isaure will create an artistic atmosphere of freethinking and open-mindedness through self-expressive art.  You do not need any art experience because this is a free abstract expression where there is no judgement but only self growth and confidence by using colors and achieving soul reflection on paper.
A fun, relaxing, and inspiring way to relieve stress and enhance creation.



First experience a gentle guided meditative visualization of  walking through a beautiful garden and letting go of emotional clutter while finding peace and restoration.
Then come out of your meditative state in a peaceful silence by painting a free expression of your feelings in colors of your choice on a large scale paper.

Finally express and share, or not, your full experience with the group!

Art expression has many benefits. It takes negative emotions you keep inside by allowing you to express them in a healthy way transforming them in your own personal creation.  Combined with a gentle benefits of meditation brings out the perfect self introspection.

All you need is comfortable old clothes, something to cover your eyes, a comfortable pillow or mat to sit on and your authentic self!


Your soul is beautiful therefore your art can only mirror that beauty !

The class is two and a half hours long because it takes time to set up and clean up but you may adjust your walk in time if necessary.  All you need is you!


* All professional grade A supplies from paper to paints and brushes are included in cost.
Ten Classes $550
Five classes $280
One Walk in Class $65