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" I am passionate about colors and the way they interact together.  Before I paint my first stroke the colors I choose are linked to an emotion, a connection, or an observation from a life passage through which I express an unpredictable balance.

Strokes full of energy with a carefree spontaneity of all directions will diminish to a more gentle controlled pace where I can bring a pencil touch to bring the essence of my expression.

The fruit of my abstract work is either an unconscious emotion of an experience or an interpretation of a scenery.  I find just as much inspiration in the photographs I take of landscapes of the places that marked my soul.  With that said, I leave my abstract energy bring in intermingled imagination and instinct to express what I perceived in that moment, therefore avoiding to let the image take control.”

Ever since Isaure’s First exhibit in Paris, France in 2008, she has unceasingly grown in her expression and subsequently continues to exhibit successful shows here in the United States and to sale her art internationally.  Isaure has with abundance shared  her experience and passion as an artist and has been teaching adults Abstract Art Expression since 2009.

Academic Artistic Achievements: 

  • Master of Fine Art from Ecole des Beaux Arts de Versailles (France) Received Academic Honor in Painting and Etching . 2009-2012
  • Diploma in  Technical skill of Tromp L’oeuil (Faux Painting)  Atelier des Peintres en Décors (Paris) 2001
  • Bachelor of Graphics Arts and Visual Communication from E.S.A.M. – Ecole Supérieur des Arts Modernes (Paris) . 1990-1993


Professional Experience and  Annual Arts Shows:

  • April 2019 Art show at Grandview Mercantile (Grandview, OH)
  • January 2019 Art Show at Hayley Gallery, (New Albany, OH)
  • March  2018 An Evening with Art at Columbus Museum of Art (Columbus, OH)
  • February  2018 Etching Show at Marcia Evans Gallery (Short North,Columbus, OH)
  • December 2017 Art Show at Marcia Evans Gallery  (Columbus, OH)
  • September 2017 Art Show at Copious  Gallery (Columbus, OH)
  • November 2016 Art Show at Copious Gallery (Columbus, OH)
  • November 2014 Art Show at Tills Gallery (Columbus, OH)
  • February 2014  Art Show at Art Access (Columbus, OH)
  • May 2013  Art Show at Art Access (Columbus, OH)
  •  October 2011 Salon des Arts in Vaucresson (Vaucresson, France)
  • November 2010 Salon des Beaux Arts de Garches (Garches, France)
  • October 2010 Salon Des Arts de Vaucresson ( Vaucresson, France) Honored 2nd Prize in Painting
  •  May  2009-2011 Open House in Artist Studio in Home Town (Vaucresson, France) 
  • June 2010 Salon Art Shopping Le Louvre (Paris, France)
  • March 2009 Private Art show at Matières (Saint Cloud, France)
  • April 2008 Private Art show  at Gaffinel (Paris, France)